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Culture and History

      American Institute for contemporary studies:

      Best German Films:

      Culture Crossing:

      Das Deutschland-Portal:

      Deutschland Online:

      German American Magazine and Business Guide:

      German Historical Institute:

       German Missions in the United States:

      German Resources:

      German Tourism/Travel:


      Owen/Disch Home Page:

      The German Way and More | German Travel | Life, Customs, and Culture:

      Toytown Germany - English-language community website for Germany:

      Video Tours and Reviews of Travel Destinations Around the World:



      Beolingus – Online Dictionary:

      Canoonet Deutsche Wrterbcher und Grammatik:  

      Deutsch-Englisches Wrterbuch:

      Deutscher Wrtschatz: German-English Dictionary:

      Digitales Wrterbuch der deutschen Sprache:

      Farlex Deutsches Wrterbuch:

      Free Dictionaries and Translations:

      German Dictionaries and Phrasebooks:

      Lanugage Dictionaries and Translators: Multiple Languages:

      Verbix – verb grammar, conjugation, inflection:

      Wiktionary, das freie Wrterbuch:


German Press and TV

      Aktuell – FAZ.NET:

      Aktuelle  Nachrichten:

      Berlin Nachrichten:


      Focus Online:

      Frankfurter Rundschau:


      LVZ Online:


      National Geographic Deutschland:

      NZZ Online:

      Spiegel Online:

      Stuttgarter Zeitung:

      The Atlantic Times:

      Trail Magazin:

      Welt Online:

      Wiener Zeitung:

      Wiesbadener Kurier:

       ZDF – Startseite:

      Zeit Online:



      Accents, Symbols, and Foreign Scripts:

      Deutsch Perfekt:

      Deutsche Sprachwelt:

      Deutsche Wrterbcher und Grammatik:


      Fokus Deutsch:

      Free German Lessons and Courses:

       Step Into German:

      German Tongue Twisters:

      International Childrens Digital Library:


       Language School:

      Learn German Online:

      Mango Languages:

      Spiegel Online:

      Stiftung Deutsche Sprache:

      Text Messaging auf Deutsche:

      The Awful German Language:

      Verein Deutsche Sprache:


Study, work, and exchanges abroad

      AFS Community Service Program:

       American Institute for Foreign Study:

      Au Pair Search:

      Baden-Wrttemberg Student Exchange Program:

      CDS International:



      Ecole dHumanit:

      Education First:



      International Cooperative Education:

      International Programs | CSU:

      Student Travels:

      Study Abroad:

      Transitions Abroad:

      USAC Students:

      Youth for Understanding:

      Young Germany:



      Deutsch Musik Land:

      Free German Lessons and Courses:

      Homework Help for German:

      Leeds German Department:


      Rammstein News: