Howard Fast: Freedom Road

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Macdonald, Andrew   Howard Fast: a critical companion   PS3511 .A784 Z7 1996


We also have a folder you can check out for 2 hours at the Reserve Desk. You can make copies of the articles in the Copy room. The folder contains the following material:


Reviews and Criticism


1.     Cuthbertson, Sarah  “Hope for the Heart and Food for the Soul: Historical Fiction in the Life of Howard Fast.”  2003  From: Solander 13


2.     DeSantis, Christopher C.  “The Thing Indefinable and Unconquerable: Howard Fast’s Experiment in Democracy.” From Journal of American Culture. Found in EBSCOhost.


3.     Enotes. (online) Howard Fast- Introduction


4.     Gareffa, Peter M. Fast, Howard (Melvin) Contemporary Authors, vol. 1 1981


5.     Macdonald, Andrew.  “Freedom Road.”  From: Howard Fast: A Critical Companion, 1996


6.     Meisler, Stanley.” The Lost Dreams of Howard Fast”.  From: The Nation 1959


7.     Moon, Bucklin   “Mr. Fast Surveys the ‘Tragic Era.” From: New York Times Book Review 27 Aug. 1944+


8.     Howard (Melvin) Fast 1914-   (from Contemporary Literary Criticism vol. 23)


9.     List of Reviews of Freedom Road


10.  Literary Index- complete list of Howard Fast in Gale Publishing journals


Biographical material


11.  Current Biography Yearbook 1991   Howard Fast




12.  Buckley, William F. Howard Fast, R.I.P. From: National Review

13.  McLellan, Dennis Howard Fast, 88. Los Angeles Times

14.  Rothstein, Mervyn  Howard Fast, 88  New York Times


Internet Site


15.  Howard Fast at


Reference Material in the Library

Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC)   Ref PN 771 C59 

This set of books contains short reviews and opinions of critics about works of a particular author. Howard Fast has 2 main entries in volumes 23 and 131. The body of the books is arranged alphabetically. Just look under Fast.


Contemporary Authors (CA) Ref PN 451 C6 

This multi-volume set primarily has biographical articles on authors, but contains some critical analysis as well. Howard Fast article is in vol. 1.


Current Biography Yearbook   Ref CT100 C8  One page entry on Howard Fast.


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