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This certificate is designed to prepare individuals for a wide range of employment opportunities in the areas of web site development, design, and maintenance. It brings together and reflects the skills taught in many different departments such as art, business, and computer programming.

Student receive the Web Development Technologies certificate by completing 20 units of core classes and an additional 6 units of elective classes.

All required Library/Information Technology courses are offered online. Some of the elective courses are also offered online. See * for courses offered online.

Web Development Technologies Certificate
Required Core Classes
*LIBT 102 Introduction to Web Technologies and Concepts 1.0 unit
*LIBT 106 Introduction to the Internet 1.0 unit
*LIBT 207 Web Page Development with HTML 3.0 units
*LIBT 111 JavaScript Fundamentals 1.0 unit
*LIBT 114 Information Technology Internship - FAQs 2.0 units
*LIBT 116 Multimedia Applications for the Web 2.0 units
*LIBT 117 Ethics in the Information Age 1.0 unit
BUS 243 Marketing 3.0 units
BUS 248 Small Business Management 3.0 units
ART 220 Fundamentals of 2-D Design 3.0 units
Total Core Units: 20

Plus 6 units from the following electives
*ART 255 Adobe Illustrator 1.0 unit
ART 256 Adobe Photoshop 1.0 unit
ART 266 Graphic Design 3.0 units
ART 267 Intermediate Graphic Design 3.0 units
ART 293 Portfolio Presentation 3.0 units
*BUS 131 E-Commerce: Social Media Marketing 3.0 units
BUS 260 International Business 3.0 units
BUS 283 Management and Supervision 3.0 units
*CAOA 264 Introduction to Database Management 3.0 units
CAOA 268 Introduction to PhotoShop 3.0 units
CIS 217 "C" Programming Language 3.0 units
CIS 219 Object Oriented Programming C++ 3.0 units
CIS 103 Fundamentals of Programming for the Internet 2.0 units
CIS 218 C# .Net Programming 3.0 units
CIS 128 Windows Server Administration 3.0 units
CIS 227 Web Server Administration 3.0 units
*ENGL 210 Technical Writing and Oral Communication 4.0 units
*LIBT 113 Advanced Internet Searching 1.0 unit
*LIBT 120 Fundamentals of CSS 1.0 unit
Total Units Required: 26

For complete course descriptions, see a copy of Cuesta's current catalog or go to:

For more information contact Kathy DeCou, (805) 546-3190 or by email:

View required courses or download program brochures in PDF format.

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