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What is the Certificate? | Transferring Units

You must take at least 12 degree-applicable semester units from Cuesta College in order to qualify for a degree or certificate granted from Cuesta. If you complete the 17.5 required core units that we offer online, you will more than satisfy this requirement. Sufficient elective courses in the areas of school libraries, adolescent literature/information sources, web design and office applications of computers are also available online to satisfy your elective requirements for Library/Information Technology.

More electives may be offered online within the next year that would count toward your Cuesta certificate or associate degree. However, you may wish to take some courses from your local community college or you may have already taken some courses that you wish to count toward your requirements.

In order to transfer courses taken elsewhere to satisfy your elective obligation the course(s) must meet the following criteria:

  • The course(s) must be from an accredited college.
  • The course(s) must be taken for a grade of C or better (not pass/fail).
  • The course(s) must be at a lower division undergraduate level.
  • The course(s) must cover essentially the same content as course(s) on Cuesta's approved electives for your certificate or degree.
  • The units offered for the course(s) must be semester units. Quarter units can be converted to semester units at a ratio of 3 quarter units equal 2 semester units.

The process for substituting transfer courses to meet Cuesta requirements is the following:

  • After you have completed all the work for the courses you wish to transfer, you must request that the other college, where courses were taken, send an official transcript to the Admissions & Records Office of Cuesta College.
  • Secure a waiver form from a Cuesta College counselor listing which course you wish to submit for each needed Cuesta course.
  • This should be completed early in the semester in which you expect to complete your certificate or degree.
  • If you have questions about whether or not a specific course can be substituted you can address them to Mark Stengel or call (805) 546-3159. This should be done before you enroll in a course you plan to transfer to ensure that it will subsequently be counted. However, this pre-approval process does not remove your responsibility to follow the process listed in the three previous bulleted steps.

Mission Statement | Advisory Assistance | Competencies | What is the Certificate? | Transferring Units

For more information contact Carina Love, (805) 546-3100 x2688 or by email:

View required courses or download program brochures in PDF format.

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