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Library/Information Technology Program - Certificate of Achievement

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Students may pursue an Certificate in Library/Information Technology by completing the required 26.5 unit program.

All required Library/Information Technology courses are offered online. Some of the elective courses are also offered online. See * for courses offered online.

Note: All courses required for the certificate must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Library/Information Technology Certificate
Required Courses
*DIST 101 Introduction to Online Courses .5 unit
*LIBT 201 Introduction to Library Services 1.0 unit
*LIBT 204 Organizing Information 3.0 units
*LIBT 205 Library/Information Center Collections 3.0 units
*LIBT 213 Advanced Internet Searching 1.0 unit
*LIBT 208 Library Supervisory Skills 1.0 unit
*LIBT 209 Library Public Services 3.0 units
*LIBT 214 Information Technology Internship - FAQs 2.0 units
*LIBT 215 Technology in the Workplace 2.0 units
*LIBT 217 Ethics in the Information Age 1.0 unit
Total Units: 17.5

Plus 9 units from the following:
*BUS 131 E-Commerce: Social Media Marketing 3.0 units
CAOA 160 Microcomputer Operations 3.0 units
*CIS 210 Introduction to Computer Applications 4.0 units
CIS 215 Advanced Business Applications 4.0 units
ECE 234 Children's Literature 3.0 units
*LIBT 210 School Library/Media Center Services 3.0 units
*LIBT 218 Connecting Adolescents with Literature and Libraries 3.0 units
LIBT 247 Independent Studies .5-2.0 units
*LIBT 207 Web Page Development with XHTML 3.0 units
*LIBT 212 Research Skills for the Information Age 1.0 unit
Total Units Required: 26.5

For complete course descriptions, see a copy of Cuesta's current catalog or go to:

For more information contact Carina Love, (805) 546-3100 x2688 or by email:

View required courses or download program brochures in PDF format.

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