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New Student Orientation

Students new to our program must attend a Saturday orientation to the Library/Information Technology Program the first semester that they enroll. This orientation will be an opportunity for the faculty to get to know new students as individuals and just as importantly, for students to get to meet and talk with faculty. This orientation will also inform entering students about the classes we offer and any special requirements of some of these classes.

An important element of this orientation will be a dialog with the instructors or members of the support staff who have been assigned to students as an advisor. Our vision is that an advisor will play an important role in student success in the Library/Information Technology Program by answering questions about professional growth and development. The faculty and staff of Cuesta's Library/Information Technology program are committed to student success.

General Questions

Please direct general program questions to Carolyn Lorimer, Division Assistant, at 805.546.3190 or Carolyn will either answer the questions or forward them to the appropriate staff member.


An important element of online instruction is maintaining personal contact and interaction. This emphasis on communication is one of the aspects that makes Cuesta's Library /Information Technology program unique.

Timely Enrollment

It is extremely important to enroll in courses early each semester because classes are restricted to a limited number of students to ensure a quality experience.

Mission Statement | Advisory Assistance | Competencies |
What is the Certificate? | Transferring Units

For more information contact Carina Love, (805) 546-3100 x2688 or by email:

View required courses or download program brochures in PDF format.

Library/Information Technology Degree (courses | brochure)
Library/Information Technology Certificate (courses | brochure)
Library Services to Children Certificate (courses | brochure)
Searching and Researching Strategies Certificate (courses)
Web Page Coding Certificate (courses | brochure)

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