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For Winter of 2006

Subject Interest - Call Numbers
D -- HISTORY (GENERAL) AND HISTORY OF EUROPE E -- HISTORY: AMERICA -- General, United States. F-- HISTORY: AMERICA -- Local, Americas other than United States
G-- GEOGRAPHY. ANTHROPOLOGY. RECREATION. H -- SOCIAL SCIENCES -- Labor, Finance, Family, Criminology J -- POLITICAL SCIENCE -- Local government, International Relations
N -- FINE ARTS -- For Photography, see Technology P -- LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Q -- SCIENCE -- Math, Computers
R -- MEDICINE S -- AGRICULTURE T -- TECHNOLOGY -- Engineering, Photography, Home Economics

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A -- GENERAL WORKS -- Encyclopedias: No New Items on This Subject

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BJ21 .E84 2006
Title: Ethics : opposing viewpoints / Laurie diMauro and Tina Grant, book editors.
Subject: Ethics.

BL25 .W67 2006
Title: World religion : opposing viewpoints / Mike Wilson, book editor.
Subject: Religion.

BP190.5 .T47 G47 2006
Personal author: Gerges, Fawaz A., 1958-
Title: Journey of the jihadist : inside Muslim militancy / Fawaz A. Gerges.
Subject: Terrorism--Religious aspects--Islam.
Subject: Jihad.
Subject: Islamic fundamentalism.

BR516.5.M38 1985
Personal author: Mead, Frank Spencer, 1898-
Title: Handbook of denominations in the United States / Frank S. Mead.
Subject: Christian sects--United States.
Subject: Sects--United States.

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C -- ARCHAEOLOGY. GENEALOGY.: No New Items on This Subject

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DS371.4 .A33 2006
Title: Afghanistan : opposing viewpoints / John Woodward, book editor.
Subject: Women--Afghanistan--Social conditions.
Subject: Afghanistan--History--2001-
Subject: Afghanistan--Social conditions.

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E -- HISTORY: AMERICA -- General, United States.

E178.1 .O935 2006 v. 1 & 2
Title: Out of many : a history of the American people /
John Mack Faragher ... [et al.].
Subject: United States--History.

E185.86 .B522 1992
Personal author: Billingsley, Andrew.
Title: Climbing Jacob's ladder : the enduring legacy of African-American families /
by Andrew Billingsley ; foreword by Paula Giddings.
Subject: African American families.

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F -- HISTORY: AMERICA -- Local, Americas other than United States

F592.4 2006
Title: Lewis and Clark through Indian eyes /
edited by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. ; with Marc Jaffe.
Personal subject: Lewis, Meriwether, 1774-1809--Relations with Indians.
Personal subject: Clark, William, 1770-1838--Relations with Indians.
Personal subject: Lewis, Meriwether, 1774-1809. History of the
expedition under the command of Captains Lewis and Clark.
Subject: Indians of North America--West (U.S.)--Historiography.
Subject: Frontier and pioneer life--West (U.S.)--Historiography.

F861 .O18 1990
Title: O California! : nineteenth and early twentieth century
California landscapes and observations / editor, Stephen Vincent ;
preface, Kevin Starr ; art selection, Paul Mills.
Subject: Landscape--California.
Subject: Authors, American--Homes and haunts--California.
Subject: California--Description and travel.
Subject: California In art.
Subject: California--In literature.
Subject: California--Intellectual life.

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H -- SOCIAL SCIENCES -- Labor, Finance, Family, Criminology

HD9565 .O55 2006
Title: Oil : opposing viewpoints / Andrea C. Nakaya, book editor.
Subject: Petroleum reserves.
Subject: Petroleum industry and trade.
Subject: Energy consumption.

HF5548.4 .M525 S54 2004
Title: Microsoft Office 2003 : course one :
introductory concepts and techniques / Gary B. Shelly ... [et al.].
Subject: Microsoft Office.

HF5635 .P975 2005 v. 1
Personal author: Larson, Kermit D.
Title: Fundamental accounting principles /
Kermit D. Larson, John J. Wild, Barbara Chiappetta.
Subject: Accounting.

HN980 .T452 2006
Title: The Third World : opposing viewpoints / David M. Haugen, book editor.
Subject: Social problems--Developing countries.
Subject: Economic assistance--Developing countries.
Subject: Developing countries--Social conditions.
Subject: Developing countries--Economic conditions.
Subject: Developing countries--Foreign relations.

HQ778.7 .U6 G66 2001
Personal author: Gonzalez-Mena, Janet.
Title: Infants, toddlers, and caregivers /
Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Dianne Widmeyer Eyer.
Subject: Child care--United States.
Subject: Child development--United States.
Subject: Education, Preschool--Activity programs--United States.

HV875 .A3185 2006
Title: Adoption : opposing viewpoints / Mary E. Williams, book editor.
Subject: Adoption.

HV5824.Y68 T435 2006
Title: Teen drug abuse : opposing viewpoints / Pamela Willwerth Aue, book editor
Subject: Drug abuse--United States.
Subject: Teenagers--Drug use--United States.
Subject: Drug abuse--United States--Prevention.

HV6430 .B55 B474 2006
Personal author: Bergen, Peter L., 1962-
Title: The Osama bin Laden I know : an oral history of
al-Qaeda's leader / Peter L. Bergen.
Personal subject: Bin Laden, Osama, 1957-
Personal subject: Bin Laden, Osama, 1957- --Friends and associate Interviews.
Corporate subject: Qaida (Organization)
Subject: Terrorists--Saudi Arabia Biography.
Subject: Islamic fundamentalism--Islamic countries.
Subject: Terrorism--Religious aspects--Islam.

HV6432 .F64 2006
Title: Food : opposing viewpoints / Laura K. Egendorf, book editor.
Subject: Food supply--United States.
Subject: Animal industry--United States.
Subject: Agriculture--United States.
Subject: Obesity--United States.
Subject: Hunger--United States.

HV6529 .R473 1992
Personal author: Ressler, Robert K.
Title: Whoever fights monsters / Robert K. Ressler & Tom Shachtman.
Subject: Homicide--United States.
Subject: Serial murders--United States.

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J -- POLITICAL SCIENCE -- Local government, International Relations

JC596.2 .U5 P75 2006
Title: Privacy : opposing viewpoints / Jamuna Carroll, book editor.
Subject: Privacy, Right of--United States.

JV6483 .I52 2006
Title: Illegal immigration : opposing viewpoints / Margaret Haerens, book editor.
Subject: Illegal aliens--United States.
Subject: United States--Emigration and immigration--Government policy.

JZ5588 .R64 2006
Title: Rogue nations : opposing viewpoints / Louise Gerdes, book editor.
Subject: Security, International Juvenile literature.
Subject: Terrorism Juvenile literature.
Subject: United States--Foreign relations Juvenile literature.
Subject: United States--Military policy Juvenile literature.

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K -- LAW

KF888 .M553 2004
Personal author: Miller, Roger LeRoy.
Title: Business law today : comprehensive edition : text & cases :
e-commerce, legal, ethical, and international environment /
Roger LeRoy Miller, Gaylord A. Jentz.
Subject: Commercial law--United States Cases.
Subject: Business law--United States.

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L -- EDUCATION: No New Items on This Subject

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ML38.M64 L86 1978
Personal author: Lyons, Jimmy, 1932-
Title: Dizzy, Duke, the Count, and me : the story of the Monterey
Jazz Festival / by Jimmy Lyons with Ira Kamin ; drawings by
David Stone Martin ; photographs by Peter Breinig ... [et al.].
Personal subject: Lyons, Jimmy, 1932-
Subject: Jazz musicians--United States.
Subject: Jazz--History and criticism.
Subject: Jazz--California.

ML399.K66 1990
Personal author: Korall, Burt.
Title: Drummin' men : the heartbeat of jazz, the swing years /
Burt Korall ; foreword by Mel Torme.
Subject: Percussionists--United States--Biography.
Subject: Jazz musicians--United States--Biography.
Subject: Big bands--United States.

ML410.E44 A3 1976
Personal author: Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974.
Title: Music is my mistress / by Edward Kennedy Ellington.
Personal subject: Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974.
Subject: Jazz musicians--Biography.

ML419.B298 A3 1986
Personal author: Bernhardt, Clyde E. B.
Title: I remember : eighty years of black entertainment,
big bands, and the blues : an autobiography / by jazz trombonist
and blues singer Clyde E.B. Bernhardt ; as told to Sheldon Harris.
Personal subject: Bernhardt, Clyde E. B.
Subject: Jazz musicians--United States--Biography.

ML419 .D39 C35 1982
Personal author: Carr, Ian.
Title: Miles Davis : a biography / Ian Carr ; foreword by Len Lyons.
Personal subject: Davis, Miles.
Subject: Jazz musicians--United States Biography.

ML419.M79 K6 1991
Personal author: Klinkowitz, Jerome.
Title: Listen, Gerry Mulligan : an aural narrative in jazz / Jerome Klinkowitz.
Personal subject: Mulligan, Gerry.
Subject: Jazz musicians--United States--Biography.

ML419 .R52 T7 1991
Personal author: Tormé, Mel, 1925-1999.
Title: Traps, the drum wonder : the life of Buddy Rich / Mel Tormé.
Personal subject: Rich, Buddy, 1917-1987.
Subject: Drummers (Musicians)--United States--Biography.

ML422.G65 C6 1989
Personal author: Collier, James Lincoln, 1928-
Title: Benny Goodman and the Swing Era / James Lincoln Collier.
Personal subject: Goodman, Benny, 1909-
Subject: Jazz musicians--United States--Biography.
Subject: Jazz.

ML1206.M2 1977
Personal author: McCarthy, Albert J.
Title: Big band jazz / Albert McCarthy.
Subject: Dance orchestras.
Subject: Jazz.

ML3506 .M37 1985
Personal author: McRae, Barry.
Title: The jazz cataclysm / Barry McRae.
Subject: Jazz--History and criticism.
Subject: Jazz Discography.

ML3506.S36 1986
Personal author: Schuller, Gunther.
Title: The swing era : the development of jazz, 1930-1945 / Gunther Schuller.
Subject: Jazz--History and criticism.
Subject: Jazz musicians.

ML3507 .J42 1997
Title: Jazz : a century of change / readings and new essays, Lewis Porter.
Subject: Jazz--History and criticism.

ML3507 .R44 1999
Title: Reading jazz : a gathering of autobiography, reportage, and criticism
from 1919 to now / edited by Robert Gottlieb.
Subject: Jazz--History and criticism.
Subject: Jazz musicians Biography.

ML3508.D38 1986
Personal author: Davis, Francis.
Title: In the moment : jazz in the 1980s / Francis Davis.
Subject: Jazz.
Subject: Jazz musicians--United States.

ML3508 .M35 1982
Personal author: McCalla, James, 1946-
Title: Jazz, a listener's guide / James McCalla.
Subject: Jazz--History and criticism.
Subject: Jazz musicians--United States.

ML3534 .S83 2003
Personal author: Stuessy, Joe.
Title: Rock and roll : its history and stylistic
development / Joe Stuessy, Scott Lipscomb.
Subject: Rock music--History and criticism.

ML3561.J3 B65x 1976
Personal author: Brask, Ole.
Title: Jazz people / photographs by Ole Brask ;
text by Dan Morgenstern ; foreword by Dizzy Gillespie ;
introd. by James Jones.
Subject: Jazz--History and criticism.
Subject: Jazz musicians--Biography.

ML3561.J3 F425 1976
Personal author: Feather, Leonard G.
Title: The pleasures of jazz : leading performers on their lives, their music,
their contemporaries / Leonard Feather ; introd. by Benny Carter.
Subject: Jazz.
Subject: Jazz musicians.

ML3561.J3 S468x 1977
Personal author: Shaw, Arnold.
Title: 52nd Street, the street of jazz / by Arnold Shaw ; foreword by Abel Green.
Personal subject: Parker, Charlie, 1920-1955.
Subject: Jazz.
Subject: Streets--New York (State)--New York--Fifty-second Street.

ML3561.J3 T5 1977
Personal author: Tirro, Frank.
Title: Jazz : a history / by Frank Tirro.
Subject: Jazz--History and criticism.

ML3561 .J3 W28 1964
Personal author: Walker, Leo.
Title: The wonderful era of the great dance bands.
Subject: Dance orchestras--United States.

MT7 .M338 1995
Personal author: Marsalis, Wynton, 1961-
Title: Marsalis on music / Wynton Marsalis.
Subject: Music theory Elementary works.
Subject: Practicing (Music)

MT86.C59 1978
Personal author: Coker, Jerry.
Title: Listening to jazz / Jerry Coker.
Personal subject: Armstrong, Louis, 1900-1971.
Personal subject: Hawkins, Coleman.
Personal subject: Young, Lester, 1909-1959.
Personal subject: Parker, Charlie, 1920-1955.
Personal subject: Davis, Miles.
Personal subject: Coltrane, John, 1926-1967.
Subject: Jazz--Instruction and study.
Subject: Jazz--Discography.

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N -- FINE ARTS -- For Photography, see Technology

N7430 .P69 2004
Personal author: Preble, Duane.
Title: Artforms : an introduction to the visual arts / Duane Preble,
Sarah Preble ; revised by Patrick Frank.
Subject: Composition (Art)
Subject: Visual perception.
Subject: Art--History.

NC263 .G56 A4 2005
Personal author: Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890
Title: Vincent van Gogh : the drawings / Colta Ives ... [et al.].
Personal subject: Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890 Exhibitions.

NC975 .W45 2005
Personal author: Weinstein, Amy, 1957-
Title: Once upon a time : illustrations from fairytales, fables, primers, pop-ups, and other children's books / Amy Weinstein.
Personal subject: Liman, Arthur L.--Art collections.
Personal subject: Liman, Ellen--Art collections.
Subject: Illustrated children's books--United States.
Subject: Illustration of books--United States--19th century.
Subject: Illustrated books--Private collections--United States.

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PN81.B545 1994
Personal author: Bloom, Harold.
Title: The Western canon : the books and school of the ages / Harold Bloom.
Subject: Canon (Literature)
Subject: Literature--History and criticism.

PQ7298.15 .S638 T3613 2001
Personal author: Esquivel, Laura, 1950-
Title: Swift as desire : a novel / Laura Esquivel ; translated by Stephen Lytle.
Subject: Telegraphers Fiction.
Subject: Communication Fiction.
Subject: Parent and child Fiction.
Subject: Man-woman relationships Fiction.

PR4167 .J3 1943
Personal author: Brontë, Charlotte, 1816-1855.
Title: Jane Eyre / by Charlotte Brontë, with wood engravings by Fritz Eichenberg.
Subject: Governesses Fiction.
Subject: Fathers and daughters Fiction.
Subject: Mentally ill women Fiction.
Subject: Charity-schools Fiction.
Subject: Married people Fiction.
Subject: Country homes Fiction.
Subject: Young women Fiction.
Subject: Orphans Fiction.
Subject: England Fiction.

PS3564 .I362 T56 2003b
Personal author: Niffenegger, Audrey.
Title: The time traveler's wife / Audrey Niffenegger.
Subject: Librarians Fiction.
Subject: Time travel Fiction.
Subject: Married people Fiction.
Subject: Women art students Fiction.

PZ8.3 .M85 2006
Personal author: Greenaway, Kate, 1846-1901.
Title: Kate Greenaway's Mother Goose / introduction by James Thorpe.
Subject: Nursery rhymes, English.

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Q -- SCIENCE -- Math, Computers

QA39.3 .S74 2002
Personal author: Stewart, James, 1941-
Title: Precalculus : mathematics for calculus /
James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson.
Subject: Mathematics.

QA154.3 .D838 2003
Personal author: Dugopolski, Mark.
Title: College algebra / Mark Dugopolski.
Subject: Algebra.

QA276.12 .B59 2004
Personal author: Bluman, Allan G.
Title: Elementary statistics : a step by step approach / Allan G. Bluman.
Subject: Statistics.

QB88 .W18 2005
Personal author: Watson, F. (Fred)
Title: Stargazer : the life and times of the telescope / Fred Watson.
Subject: Telescopes--History.
Subject: Astronomy--History.

QP141 .W514 2005
Personal author: Williams, Melvin H.
Title: Nutrition for health, fitness, & sport / Melvin H. Williams.
Subject: Nutrition.
Subject: Physical fitness.
Subject: Sports--Physiological aspects.

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R121 .S8 2006
Personal author: Stedman, Thomas Lathrop, 1853-1938.
Title: Stedman's medical dictionary.
Subject: Medicine Dictionaries.

R726 .E5822 2006
Title: Euthanasia : opposing viewpoints / Carrie L. Snyder, book editor.
Subject: Euthanasia.
Subject: Euthanasia--Moral and ethical aspects.
Subject: Medical ethics.

RA776 .H148 2005
Personal author: Hales, Dianne R., 1950-
Title: An invitation to health / Dianne Hales.
Subject: Health.
Subject: Self-care, Health.

RC86.7 .C644 2002
Title: Community first aid & safety / American Red Cross.
Subject: First aid in illness and injury.

RC537.C77 1994
Personal author: Cronkite, Kathy.
Title: On the edge of darkness : conversations
about conquering depression / Kathy Cronkite.
Subject: Depressed persons--Interviews.
Subject: Depression, Mental.

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S -- AGRICULTURE : No New Items on This Subject

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T -- TECHNOLOGY -- Engineering, Photography, Home Economics

T47 .I44 2004
Personal author: Ikenson, Ben.
Title: Patents : ingenious inventions : how they
work and how they came to be / Ben Ikenson.
Subject: Technology--Popular works.
Subject: Inventions.

T385 .A359583 2005
Title: Adobe Photoshop CS2: classroom in a book.
Subject: Computer graphics Handbooks, manuals, etc.

TD170.3 .C66 2006
Title: Conserving the environment :
opposing viewpoints / Douglas Dupler, book editor.
Subject: Environmental protection.
Subject: Environmental degradation.
Subject: Energy conservation.
Subject: Conservation of natural resources.

TL23 .C3655 2006
Title: Cars in America : opposing viewpoints / Andrea C. Nakaya, book editor.
Subject: Automobiles--United States.
Subject: Automobiles--Social aspects--United States.
Subject: Automobile driving--Social aspects--United States.
Subject: Transportation--United States.

TR9 .O94 2005
Title: The Oxford companion to the photograph / edited by Robin Lenman.
Subject: Photography Encyclopedias.

TT325 .F53 1999
Personal author: Flexner, Bob.
Title: Understanding wood finishing : how to select
and apply the right finish / Bob Flexner.
Subject: Wood finishing Amateurs' manuals.
Subject: Stains and staining Amateurs' manuals.

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UA26 .C3 C36 2004
Title: Camp San Luis Obispo / California Center for Military History.
Corporate subject: California. National Guard Pictorial works.
Subject: Military camps--California--San Luis Obispo Pictorial works.
Subject: Camp San Luis Obispo (Calif.) Pictorial works.
Subject: Camp San Luis Obispo (Calif.)--History.

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V -- NAVAL SCIENCE: No New Items on This Subject

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Z710 .B23 2004
Personal author: Badke, William B., 1949-
Title: Research strategies : finding your way
through the information fog / William B. Badke.
Subject: Public services (Libraries) Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Subject: Libraries and students Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Subject: Bibliography--Methodology Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Subject: Research--Methodology Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Subject: Report writing Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Subject: Database searching Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Subject: Online bibliographic searching Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Subject: Internet searching Handbooks, manuals, etc.

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